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Bài tập ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh lớp 6 năm 2023

Bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh lớp 6 học kì có đáp án Nhằm giúp quý thầy cô giáo có thêm tài liệu để giảng dạy, các em học sinh có thêm nhiều tài liệu...

Bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh lớp 6 học kì có đáp án

Nhằm giúp quý thầy cô giáo có thêm tài liệu để giảng dạy, các em học sinh có thêm nhiều tài liệu để ôn tập, VnDoc.com đã sưu tầm và tổng hợp tài liệu thành bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng anh lớp 6 có đáp án. Bộ sưu tập này sẽ mang đến cho học sinh các bài tập trắc nghiệm trong tiếng Anh 6 nhằm giúp các em củng cố từ vựng và cấu trúc ngữ pháp đã học.

Bài tập Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh 6 có đáp án

Bài 1: Chọn từ có phần gạch chân phát âm khác với các từ còn lại

  1. thingliteraturetimetablehistory
  2. lunchmusicbrushup
  3. watchmathlampfamily
  4. dayafterplaygame
  5. teacherreadeatready

Bài 2: Chọn một từ khác loại với những từ còn lại

  1. SummerActivityWinterSpring
  2. SchoolHospitalBookstoreTeacher
  3. SoccerVolleyballTennisPlay
  4. AlwaysOftenJogSometimes
  5. GardenMarketRiverArrive

Bài 3: Điền a/ an /the hoặc bỏ trống nếu không cần thiết

  1. I like the blue T-shirt over there better than the red one.
  2. Their car does 150 miles an hour.
  3. Where's the USB drive I lent you last week?
  4. Do you still live in _Bristol?
  5. Is your mother working in the old office building?
  6. Carol's father works as an electrician.
  7. The tomatoes are 9$ a kilo.
  8. What do you usually have for _breakfast?
  9. Ben has a terrible headache.
  10. After this tour you have the whole afternoon free to explore the city.

Bài 4: Đọc đoạn văn, chọn đáp án thích hợp nhất bên dưới: I live in a house near the sea. It is... (1)... old house, about 100 years old and... (2)... very small. There are two bed rooms upstairs... (3)... no bathroom. The bathroom is down stairs... (4)... the kitchen and there is a living room where there is a lovely old fire place. There is a garden... (5)... the house. The garden... (6)... down to the beach and in spring and summer... (7)... flowers every where. I like alone... (8)... my dog, Rack, but we have a lot of visitors. My city friends often stay with... (9)... I love my house for... (10)... reasons: the garden, the flowers in summer, the fee in winter, but the best thing is the view from my bedroom window.

  1. A. a B. an C. the D. any
  2. A. It's B. It C. there's D. They're
  3. A. and B. or C. but D. too
  4. A. between B. next C. near to D. next to
  5. A. in front B. front of C. of front in D. in front of
  6. A. go B. going C. goes D. in goes
  7. A. these are B. they are C. there are D. those are
  8. A. for B. of C. on D. with
  9. A. me B. I C. my D. I'm
  10. A. a B. any C. many D. a lot

Bài 5: Chia động từ trong ngoặc ở thì phù hợp

  1. I am writing to my parents now, I write to them every weekend.
  2. Usually, I read 2 newspapers, but not the same one every day. On Sundays, I buy four or five.
  3. I can't swim, so I shouldn't run too far from the shore.
  4. I haven't got a car at the moment, so I go to work on the bus this week. Usually I drive to work.
  5. She is very interested in reading books.
  6. Please be quiet! I am trying to concentrate.
  7. Look! it is snowing.
  8. The sun rises in the west.
  9. Are you going to the party tonight?
  10. Let's go to the zoo.
  11. Hurry! The bus is coming. I don't want to miss it.
  12. You can borrow my umbrella. I don't need it at the moment.
  13. How about going on foot?
  14. He wants to be a doctor.
  15. Why don't we go to the cinema?

Bài 6: Điền vào chỗ trống với from, on, up hoặc with

  1. Don't stay up late.
  2. I always come to class on time.
  3. What's wrong with you?
  4. The traffic lights are changing from green to red.

Bài 7: Tìm và sửa lỗi sai trong mỗi câu dưới đây

  1. There are four people in Mrs. Phong's family.
  2. How many bottles of water do you have?
  3. I go to school every morning.
  4. There is a museum on the right of my house.
  5. How much is the table?
  6. She is going to travel to Thailand for a few days.
  7. Which color is it?
  8. I like going by car.
  9. Your health must be checked twice a year.
  10. Who is the tallest in our class?
  11. I need some water to drink.

Bài 8: Hoàn thành các câu hỏi sau

  1. How often do you go swimming? - Twice a week.
  2. How many students are there in your class? - Forty.
  3. How much rice do you want? - Two kilos
  4. How long are you going to stay with your aunt? - For 3 weeks.
  5. How old is she? - Thirteen years old.
  6. How long is the river? - About 4,000 km.
  7. How tall is the baby? - 60 centimeters.

Bài 9. Put DO or DOES into the following sentences to make questions

  1. Do the students study hard every day?
  2. Does Mr. Brown go to his office every day?
  3. Do you want cream and sugar in your coffee?
  4. Do the children go to bed very early?
  5. Does that girl come from South Africa?
  6. Do you know that Italian student?
  7. Does Miss Lan prefer coffee to tea?
  8. Does your English lessons seem very difficult?

Bài 10. Fill in the gaps with “yet, ago, ever, last night, for or since”

  1. My father went to Italy five days ago.
  2. He has known her since 2001.
  3. Have you ever seen an elephant?
  4. She hasn’t finished her work yet.
  5. He has lived in Madrid for ten years.
  6. We went to bed at 11 o’clock last night.

Bài 11. Rewrite the following sentences without changing the meaning, using the word given

  1. Sports and games play a very important part/role in children's lives.
  2. My father thinks Brazil has the best football team in the world.
  3. New York is the most exciting city in the world.
  4. Because Nha Trang has clean and beautiful beaches, it attracts lots of tourists.
  5. If we cycle to school every day, we will keep fitter.

Bài 12. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form

  1. My mother is cooking a meal now. She cooks every day.
  2. It rains very much in the summer.
  3. There are twenty classrooms in my school.
  4. Lan is speaking on the phone at the moment.
  5. Every morning I have breakfast at 6.
  6. John likes sports very much. He usually goes to the gym after school.
  7. Look! A man is running after the train. He wants to catch it.
  8. My brother is watching TV in the living room at present. He always watches TV in his free time.
  9. We can’t go out now. It is raining.
  10. There is a sofa in front of the window.
  11. Lan isn't in her room at the moment. She is working in the garden.
  12. He is tall and thin.
  13. She isn't going to the movie theater tomorrow evening. She is staying at home and watching TV.
  14. How does she go to school every day? - She goes by bus.
  15. Their house has a beautiful yard.
  16. They go to bed at ten.
  17. My mother works in a bookstore.
  18. My brother and I do our homework every night.
  19. He plays volleyball every afternoon.
  20. They are in the kitchen now.

Bài 13. Give the correct form of the word in bracket

  1. Is this information useful for you? (USE)
  2. Drinking too much wine is harmful to our health. (HARM)
  3. All the invited people came on time. (INVITE)
  4. We always swim in the swimming pool in Summer. (SWIM)
  5. Susie is so careless. She is always breaking things. (CARE)
  6. Laura is a good friend of ours. (WE)
  7. Do you know what the depth of this lake is? (DEEP)
  8. Air pollution is a serious problem in many cities in the world now. (POLLUTE)
  9. I’d like a bottle of lemonade, please. (LEMON)
  10. The eighth of March is a special day for women all over the world. (WOMAN)

Bài 14. Rewrite the sentence, using given words below

  1. My sister can swim well. She can't play badminton. (but)

    • My sister can swim well, but she can't play badminton.
  2. Hanh goes to that French restaurant every week. She loves French food. (so)

    • Hanh loves French food, so she goes to that French restaurant every week.
  3. He was tired last night. He stayed up late to watch a football match. (although)

    • Although he was tired last night, he stayed up late to watch a football match.
  4. I don't like this TV programme. It's so boring. (because)

    • I don't like this TV programme because it's so boring.
  5. My mum went to Hue last month. His mum went to Hue last month, too.(and)

    • My mum went to Hue last month and so did his mum.

Bài 15. Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first one. Use the words given in brackets.

  1. What was your favourite subject at school? (enjoy)

    • What did you enjoy at school?
  2. I haven’t visited my family since 2005. (time)

  3. My parents moved to New Zealand in 2010. (lived)

    • My parents have lived in New Zealand since 2010.
  4. I think that no city is more beautiful than Paris. (most)

    • I think Paris is the most beautiful city in the world.
  5. The computer was too expensive for me to buy. (enough)

    • I don't have enough money to buy the computer.
  6. Why don’t we go to Bali on summer vacation? (suggested)

    • Jane suggested going to Bali on summer vacation.
  7. You won’t pass the exam unless you study harder. (not)

    • If you don't study harder, you won’t pass the exam.
  8. Matt is still working on his homework. (finished)

    • Matt hasn't finished his homework yet.
  9. What are your plans for the weekend? (do)

    • What are you going to do at the weekend?
  10. Peter knew how to skate when he was 12. (could)

    • Peter could skate when he was 12.

Bài 16. Cho dạng đúng của các động từ trong ngoặc.

  1. He is not reading a magazine at present.
  2. I am looking for Christine. Do you know where she is?
  3. It is getting dark. Shall I turn on the light?
  4. They are staying in Manchester with their friends.
  5. They are building a new supermarket in the center of the town.
  6. Have you got an umbrella? It is starting to rain.
  7. You are making a lot of noise. Can you be quieter? I am trying to concentrate.
  8. Why are all those people here? What is happening?
  9. Please don’t make so much noise. I am trying to work.
  10. Let’s go out now. It is not raining anymore.
  11. You can turn off the radio. I am not listening to it.
  12. Kate phoned me last night. She is on holiday in France. She is having a great time and doesn’t want to come back.
  13. I want to lose weight, so this week I am not eating lunch.
  14. Andrew has just started evening classes. He is learning German.
  15. Paul and Sally have an argument. They are speaking to each other.

Bài 17. Complete the sentences, using will or won't.

  1. Don't get up, I will answer the phone.
  2. If you eat too much you will put on weight.
  3. Don't stay out too late, you won't get up on time.
  4. I don't think she will pass the exam, she isn't very good.
  5. You may as well go home now, I won't be back for hours.
  6. Go to bed and you will feel better tomorrow.
  7. It's Mary's birthday next month. She will be 18.
  8. They are on holiday for two weeks so they won't be here tomorrow.
  9. Will they want dinner?
  10. If the weather is ok, the plane will leave on time.

Bài 18. Should or shouldn't?

  1. We shouldn't have to wait long. The train is due in a couple of times.
  2. We shouldn't drink so much coffee. It's not good for us.
  3. If you're not feeling very well, you shouldn't go home.
  4. If the delivery is urgent, you should send it express post.
  5. I think we should get paid commission for our sales. We'd be more motivated that way!
  6. I don't see my grandparents very often. I should go and see them soon.
  7. I shouldn't make so many personal calls from the office. My boss is going to notice.
  8. He shouldn't apologize. He was absolutely right.

Bài 19. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

  1. We will stay at home if it rains.
  2. She will call you if she has time.
  3. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we will go for a picnic.
  4. If everyone recycles paper, metal and glass, we won't produce so much rubbish.
  5. If you don't water plants, they will die.
  6. If the weather is bad, we won't go to the park.
  7. We will save thousands of trees if we don't waste so much paper.
  8. What will happen if we keep polluting the environment.
  9. If we don't stop cutting down so many trees, we will endanger our oxygen supply.
  10. If people dump chemicals into rivers, they won't be able to swim in them in the future.

Bài 20. Rewrite the sentence.

  1. We might visit Japan in the future.
  2. My brother is a fast runner.
  3. Nga's favourite sport is badminton.
  4. Don't swim in that polluted lake, boys.
  5. They live far from the school, but we don't.
  6. That is his racket, but this is mine.
  7. Minh hopes that he will speak English well in 3 years.
  8. Unless we try to save them, our sources of energy will soon end.
  9. Mike doesn't play chess better than Barbare.